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Tapping into the eCommerce Market in China through Digital Personalization


eCommerce, a crisis- and recession-resistant solution to businesses, is seen as having great potential with the Mainland Chinese market.

By far, China is the country which records the highest spending on eCommerce, equivalent to a market volume of US$1,001,974M as of Jan 2020, almost doubling the figure of the US.

As can be observed, revenue in the eCommerce market amounts to US$1,000,974M as of Jan 2020, and is forecasted to grow continually up to 2024. Fashion (US$464,005.8M) has always been the most popular category while food and personal care progresses at a steady rate, from US$42,007.8M in 2017 to US$61.236.5M in 2020 (Statista, Jan 2020).


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