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CreateHK leads Hong Kong Web3 delegation (X Social Group) to visit Vienna


AWE EU 2023 is the most exciting Technology event in Europe,  bringing together XR professionals and enthusiasts from 48 countries, with over 250+ speakers, and 100+ exhibitors, covering 11 distinct themes.

X Social Group and nine leading technology companies in Hong Kong had been selected as delegation member to showcase the Hong Kong's leading Web3 and XR projects at the AWE EU Expo.


General Manager of X Social Group Ms. Michele Ho offers a speech on behalf of HK Exhibitors

X Social Group and a Hongkong-based luxury brand Reign have joined hands to present the “Picasso X Moutai Thematic Gift-boxes NFTs” at the expo which is a successful compilation of China’s top-notch Moutai and a renowned works by the western iconic artist Picasso. Each and every《Two Women Running on the Beach》(1922)  X Moutai Gift-case is transformed into an NFT promoting irreplicability and high level of transparency concerning records of ownership. All gift-boxes are equipped with NFC chips which can be scanned for verifying their authenticity and genuineness. Collector can virtually showcase their precious collectibles to people around the world. 


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