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Innovative Drone Technology Enhances Hong Kong's Mega Events Economy with Creative Art Displays

Kenneth Leung, the Chief Designer of our drone light show company, was interviewed by Now TV and shared the advantages of drone creative art in promoting tourism in Hong Kong and supporting mega events economy. Drone light shows represent innovative technology as well as creative art and environmental awareness. Each drone performance can attract nearly 250,000 spectators and overnight tourists, and can be coordinated with night market and other entertainment events, generating economic benefits.

The creative designs of the drones have also received extensive media and online coverage, especially when combined with Hong Kong landmarks. This effectively promotes the tourism industry in Hong Kong. This unique cultural performance form captures the attention of tourists and allows them to gain a deeper understanding of Hong Kong's culture, art, history, and scenic spots, fostering innovation and development in the tourism industry. Drone light shows will become an important component of Hong Kong's cultural and tourism offerings, injecting new vitality into the industry.

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