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CCTV Mobile "Hong Kong Arts, Culture, and Technology" Series Interview of Drone Light Show Project


A unique artistic form took place on Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. The drone light show is not just a performance but also incorporates Chinese artistic history and cultural stories, paying homage to Chinese art history and culture. Compared to fireworks displays, the drone light show is more environmentally friendly and features more intricate design patterns. Through the combination of drone formations and lights, the seven million citizens of Hong Kong were able to deeply experience the profound charm of their roots and culture, witnessing together this dazzling dance of drone lights.

China National Day Victoria Harbour Drone Light Show - China National Day is the birthday of the People's Republic of China. The drone light show presents unique patterns, such as Chinese aerospace technology and traditional Chinese opera masks, through the coordinated flight of drones in the sky. The colors are displayed in Victoria Harbour, creating a festive atmosphere and expressing love and blessings to our motherland.

West Kowloon Cultural District Victoria Harbour Drone Light Show - The drone formation in the sky showcases elements of Hong Kong's iconic architecture and events, such as the International Finance Centre (IFC), Space Museum, Peak Tram, and Tian Tan Buddha. It highlights Hong Kong's status as a financial center and an international tourist destination.

Lantau Island Tian Tan Buddha New Year's Eve Countdown - The Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island is one of Hong Kong's landmarks. In the drone light show, the drones form a countdown in the sky, culminating in a spectacular display of the blinking lights around the Tian Tan Buddha. This showcases Hong Kong people's respect and reverence for Buddhist culture to the world.

K11 Victoria Harbour Cultural Gathering Drone Fashion Show - The art and fashion scene in Hong Kong, China, is increasingly flourishing. In the drone light show, the creative and fashionable charm of contemporary art in Hong Kong is showcased to the world through a fashion show format.

If you're interested in the drone light show or other related events, please feel free to contact us via email for more details.

We look forward to exploring the wonderful fusion of art and technology together with you!

Source: CCTV Mobile

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