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REIGN Fusing Noble Delicacy, Artistry, and Technology: Elevating Product Value and Captivating Discerning Customers. Promoting Cross-cultural Collaboration and IP to Expand Global Market Reach


Hong Kong possesses numerious traditional business advantages, but in order to remain competitive, it must actively adapt to prevailing trends. Embracing and aligning with government policies for development represents a viable path forward. Lam Hon Yuen Samuel, the Chief Technology Officer of REIGN, asserts that the company's product line emphasizes noble delicacy while integrating elements of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies, thereby effectively merging art and technology within its marketing strategy. REIGN has successfully expanded to five retail establishments and is actively seeking opportunities for international expansion. In response to the Hong Kong government's commitment to Web3.0 development and the support outlined in the "14th Five-Year Plan" to establish Hong Kong as a hub for cultural and artistic exchange, REIGN, in collaboration with X Social Group Ltd, is delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of the "Picasso's 'Two Women Running on the Beach' (01922) × Moutai Gift Box NFT (Digital Certificate)". By leveraging NFC chips, customers can effortlessly authenticate the products' genuineness and indulge in exclusive VIP services. The strategic objective is to globally unveil ten Moutai gift boxes by mid-2024.

高級食材添藝術科技助升值吸客 ; IP聯乘中西文化品牌冀進軍海外

香港在營商上有很多傳統優勢,但不能一成不變,須順勢而為。順應政府政策去發展,可能有出路。REIGN 首席技術官林漢源表示,政府積極推動創科、中外文化交流及盛事經濟,其公司的產品也由主攻高級食材,後期加入NFT(Non-Fungible Token,非同質化代幣NFC ( Near Field Communication), 近場通訊)元素,以藝術科技融入飢餓營銷。現時REIGN已拓展至五間店,並在外國尋找機會。因應香港政府力推Web3.0發展,以及《十四五規劃綱要》明確支持香港發展成為中外文化藝術交流中心的機遇,REIGN及X Social Group Ltd早前宣布推出「畢加索《海邊奔跑的兩個女人》(01922)×茅台禮盒NFT(數位證書)」。通過NFC芯片能辨別商品真偽及享受「VIP會員專屬服務」, 計劃於2024年中在全球首發10件茅台禮盒。

Renowned for his artistic prowess and commanding both intrinsic value and substantial market demand, Picasso stands as an eminent figure in Western painting. Samuel, emphasizing the significance of this intellectual property collaboration, underscores how "Moutai symbolizes Chinese culture, while Picasso represents Western culture." Originating from Guizhou, Moutai finds itself elegantly curated within the gift box, meticulously crafted by REIGN and embedded with a cutting-edge chip. "Through our proprietary app, customers can seamlessly authenticate their purchase by scanning, while we integrate the transformative power of NFT to manifest digital art." By combining tangible and virtual offerings, alongside limited edition elements, this endeavor presents ripe opportunities for future appreciation.


Samuel stated that the artwork curated by REIGN undergoes a meticulous selection process, ensuring that the paintings are either authorized by the respective owners or the copyrights have expired. In a recent announcement, REIGN unveiled a strategic partnership with the esteemed Belvedere Museum in Austria, signifying an amplified collaboration across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. This endeavor aims to forge new horizons in the realm of art appreciation and cultural exchange.


While integrating AI elements and leveraging generative AI technology to inspire the creative process, Samuel candidly acknowledged that AI, while valuable for generating ideas and insights, cannot singularly accomplish the entirety of the creative journey. When addressing the recent challenges encountered by the retail industry in Hong Kong, Samuel astutely observed that the middle class has been notably impacted by the prevailing economic conditions. "The market now presents two distinct approaches: the production of exceedingly affordable goods, as exemplified by platforms like Pinduoduo, which operate under the M2C model, facilitating direct delivery from manufacturers to customers; or the creation of truly distinctive products that transcend standardized offerings and low prices." Furthermore, with the advent of the internet era, retailers can no longer rely on "information asymmetry" as a sole means of profit generation. "Cross-border shopping has become increasingly prevalent, and mainland China boasts cost-effective logistics capabilities." However, the realm of art stands apart. It not only embodies uniqueness but also possesses inherent value appreciation, rendering it inherently captivating. The forthcoming "REIGN Picasso × Moutai Gift Box NFT (Digital Certificate + Physical Asset) Global Launch of 10 Pieces" effectively caters to multiple market demands, satisfying the discerning tastes of art enthusiasts worldwide.

AI生成畫作 仍需設計師修改


Acknowledging the exclusivity of their products, Samuel conceded that a significant portion of the brand's clientele originates from overseas, particularly Southeast Asia and mainland China. To ensure authenticity, the brand requires customers or their representatives to personally pick up and inspect the goods in-store, as this experiential process imbues shopping with delight. "While technology enables various conveniences, such as online shopping, it does not guarantee the appreciation of our products." Regarding future endeavors, Samuel revealed plans for collaborations with the Cultural Relics Bureau and museums in mainland China, aimed at creating exquisite items related to cultural relics for sale overseas, fostering cultural exchanges between China and other nations. Currently, REIGN does not have physical stores in mainland China, but their presence can be found in duty-free shops at airports and museums.




香港經濟日報 Hong Kong Economic Times

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