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Samuel Lam attends Metro Radio Interview: The Future of New Retail in the Metaverse. 新城電台訪問: 元宇宙未来新零售


Samuel Lam (center) stated that the newly established metaverse company "Meta-Artainment" focuses on creating a user experience of art and entertainment in the metaverse for young users. The company has currently targeted activities such as virtual idol VR concerts, art exhibitions, seminars, lectures, New Year celebrations, and shopping festivals.


In addition to allowing users to enter virtual scenes using avatars on the platform, Meta-Artainment collaborates with virtual idols and event companies to launch virtual expos and other activities. During these events, guest speakers can deliver speeches, present slideshows, or videos from within the recording studio, distinguishing our platform from existing Web 2.0 live streaming platforms. We provide users with virtual avatars that allow them to appear in the virtual space with different 3D images and engage in interactions using avatar movements, text, expressions, and even NFTs.

林漢源(中)表示, 新成立的元宇宙企業 “Meta-Artainment”, 主要爲年青用戶建立藝文娛樂元宇宙的用戶體驗,目前已鎖定的活動包括虛擬偶像大型VR演唱會、藝術展覽會、研討會、講座、跨年慶祝活動及 購物節等。

Meta-Artainment 除了可以供用戶在平台上使用虛擬分身進入虛擬場景,同時與虛擬偶像和活動公司合作推出 虛擬EXPO等活動。活動中台上講者嘉賓可以在錄音室內連麥發言演講、播放幻燈片PPT或視頻,與現時的Web2.0 直播平台不同的是, 我們平台爲用戶提供虛擬分身,讓用戶可以以不同的三維形象出現在虛擬空間裡 , 以虛擬分身動作 , 文字、表情甚至NFT來進行互動。

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