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Art-Tech Fusion: Crafting Brands that Resonate with the New Generation's Demands

Art-Tech opens up boundless possibilities. How can businesses effectively incorporate it into their strategies? The Hong Kong Productivity Council, in partnership with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (T-box), AllStarsWomen, Bank of China (Hong Kong), and CURATOR Group, successfully hosted the highly anticipated forum, "Inheritors: The Fusion of Art-Tech and Business," on March 18, 2024. The event, moderated by Mr. Samuel Lam, CEO of X Social Group Holdings Limited, brought together distinguished art-tech experts who shared invaluable insights on the seamless integration of art, technology, and business. The speakers presented their impactful business cases and provided firsthand practical advice, leaving the audience captivated. The event received extensive support from the Hong Kong Art Galleries Association, Innovative Entrepreneur Association, and Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce YEC.

(From Left to Right)CEO Mr. Samuel Lam Hon Yuen of X Social Group Holdings Limited, Mr. Heiman Ng, Founder of Art Prince Advisory、Ms Karen Fung, GM of Hong Kong Productivity Council, Mr Lily Leung, Co-Founder of Nikopicto Limited、Mr. Vincent Ng, Founder of CURATOR Group、Mr. Chris Cheung, Founder of XCEPT, Ms. Esther Wong, Director, Corporate Communications & Marketing of HKTDC and Mr. Kelvin Tang, Founder of PONS.

Samuel Lam Hon Yuen, the host, proposes that companies and organizations consider organizing "aerial art" events as a means of capturing attention. For instance, implementing large-scale drone light shows can create a visually stunning spectacle while concurrently generating extensive publicity. This strategic approach can swiftly enhance brand image and facilitate product promotion, thereby attracting a diverse range of consumers to attend these captivating displays. Furthermore, Mr. Lam encourages small and medium-sized enterprises to embrace an open-minded approach and explore the fusion of art, technology, and commerce. By leveraging innovative marketing strategies and engaging in cross-border e-commerce, businesses can achieve multifaceted growth, targeting emerging markets and expanding their presence both domestically and internationally.

Source : Hong Kong Economic Times

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