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Delivery Digital Solutions (香港總商會 HKGCC Bulletin Nov 2023)


X Social Group provides specialized consulting services in Web 3.0 through

innovative blockchain and retail technology applications

X Social Group應用創新的區塊鏈和零售技術方案,提供第三代互聯網顧問服務

The internet has come a long way since its inception, evolving from a simple information exchange platform to an interconnected network that has changed the way we live and work. As the world moves into the next phase of internet development, Web 3.0, how can businesses ride on decentralized and immersive web experiences to stay ahead in the market?

In the fintech field, Hong Kong has great potential to become a virtual assets hub, particularly for China and the ASEAN region, especially after the introduction of new rules this year that require all crypto trading platforms to be licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission. “The development of digital assets and the introduction of the digital Hong Kong dollar (e-HKD) further promotes financial connectivity between Hong Kong and the Mainland, fostering cross-border investment and trade,” said Samuel Lam, Founder of X Social Group Ltd.

X Social Group Holdings is a prominent Web 3.0 marketing and retail agency based in the Asia-Pacific region. Since it was established in 2012, the company has been at the forefront of facilitating the transformation of international brands into the Web 3.0 era through innovative blockchain and retail technology applications. Its services include blockchain commerce, NFT marketing, metaverse consulting and community management.

What sets X Social Group apart from its competitors is its ability to fill the market gap in Hong Kong by providing specialized consulting services in Web 3.0.

“Through our four major service sectors, the company offers omnichannel professional services for cross-border marketing, including branding and digital marketing, cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce logistics, and Web 3.0 metaverse gateway,” Lam explained. He added that X Social Group has established partnerships with over 500 brands since its launch and has received more than 50 marketing awards in the Asia-Pacific region.

One of X Social Group’s notable projects is the Hong Kong Arts Festival Metaverse Theatre, jointly launched this year with the Hong Kong Arts Festival and international architectural firm MCG. Seen as a groundbreaking initiative, it provides a platform for Hong Kong artists to showcase their talent without time and geographical limitations, leveraging blockchain technology to demonstrate the fusion of “art + technology.”

The company has also joined hands with Hongkong-based luxury brand The Reign Group to create gift boxes featuring top-notch Moutai from China and famous artwork by artists such as Pablo Picasso. Each case, “Two Women Running on the Beach (1922) X Moutai,” is a one-of-a-kind, irreplicable NFT offering a high level of transparency concerning records of ownership, and comes equipped with an NFC chip that can be scanned to verify authenticity and genuineness.

However, the growth of Web 3.0 businesses in Hong Kong is encountering challenges. Recent incidents involving Luna and FTX have caused a loss of confidence in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The prevalence of metaverse “Ponzi” schemes and the shortage of blockchain talent also hinder further development.

To deal with such challenges, X Social Group has leveraged its core technological advantages and formed strategic partnerships with state-owned and multinational enterprises.

“We have collaborations with Shenzhen Duty-Free Group, China Broadcasting and Television Media, China High-Speed Railway Mage-Info Media, Guiyang Free Trade Zone, Hunan TV International Official Channel, Malaysia SIDEC, Google, HTC VIVE VIVERSE and many other high-quality enterprises,” explained Lam. “The company has also launched large-scale shopping festivals to enhance market competitiveness and support brands in their digital transformation efforts.” and strategic partnerships, the company seeks opportunities to promote the adoption of blockchain technology, support digital transformation efforts, and explore new business opportunities in the evolving retail landscape.

“We joined HKGCC to enhance our visibility, credibility, influence, and most importantly to actively contribute to the growth and development of the business ecosystem in Hong Kong,” said Lam.

Looking ahead, X Social Group aims to expand its presence and influence in the Web 3.0 marketing and retail sector. With the support of favourable policies in Hong Kong.


在金融科技領域,香港極具潛力發展成為中國和東盟地區的虛擬資產樞紐。香港今年引入新規定,要求所有加密貨幣交易平台向證券及期貨事務監察委員會申領牌照,亦促進了業界發展。X Social Group Ltd 創辦人林漢源表示:「數碼資產不斷發展,以及『數碼港元』的推出,均進一步促進香港及內地金融市場互聯互通,帶動跨境投資和貿易。」

X Social Group Holdings 是亞太地區的領先Web3 營銷和零售代理商,自2012 年成立以來,透過創新的區塊鏈和零售技術應用方案,協助多個國際品牌轉型,走在Web3 時代的前沿。該公司提供的服務包括區塊鏈商貿、非同質化代幣(NFT)營銷、元宇宙顧問和社群管理。

X Social Group 能夠在競爭對手中脫穎而出,關鍵在於提供專門的Web3 顧問服務,填補香港的市場缺口。

林漢源解釋:「我們透過四大服務部門,提供全渠道跨境營銷專業服務,包括品牌及數碼營銷、跨境電子商貿、電子商貿物流及Web 3 元宇宙門戶。」他補充,X Social Group 與500 多個品牌建立了夥伴關係,包括Hermès、LVMH Group 及香港藝術節,並在亞太區榮獲逾50 個營銷獎項。X Social Group 今年與香港藝術節和國際建築設計公司MCG 聯手打造元宇宙藝劇院,備受矚目。這個突破性項目利用區塊鏈技術揉合藝術與科技,打破時間和地域限制,為香港藝術家提供平台,讓他們盡展才華。該公司亦與香港奢華品牌The Reign Group攜手推出禮盒套裝,內有頂級中國茅台酒和畢加索等藝術大師的名畫。每個「沙灘上奔跑的兩名女子(1922 年)X 茅台」禮盒均為獨一無二、不可複製的NFT,擁有權透明度極高,更附有近距離無綫通訊(NFC)晶片,只需掃瞄晶片便可認證其真確性。

不過,Web3 企業在香港的發展正面臨挑戰。近期的Luna 和FTX 事件導致市場對區塊鏈和加密貨幣失去信心,而元宇宙「龐氏騙局」接二連三,以及區塊鏈人才為應對這些挑戰,X Social Group 運用其核心技術優勢,與多家國營企業和跨國集團建立了戰略夥伴關係。

林漢源解釋:「我們與眾多優質企業展開合作,包括深圳免稅集團、中廣電傳媒、中國高鐵媒體營運商兆訊傳媒、貴陽自由貿易區、湖南國際頻道、馬來西亞雪蘭莪州資訊科技及數碼經濟機構、Google 和HTC VIVE等。此外,公司亦已推出大型購物節,以加強市場競爭力,並支持品牌進行數碼轉型。」展望未來,X Social Group 的目標是擴展在Web3 營銷和零售領域的業務版圖,並提升企業影響力。受惠於香港的優惠政策,加上戰略夥伴關係的支持,該公司正致力推廣應用區塊鏈技術、推動數碼轉型進程,以及在不斷變化的零售環境中探索新商機。


*內容源自: 香港總商會 Bulletin Nov 2023*

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