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Picasso x Moutai Thematic Gift-Case NFTs

In memory of Picasso’s 50th Death Anniversary

Recreating an Art-piece by Integrating China’s National Brand, Western Art and Wine-tasting Culture With Advanced Technology

Hong Kong has all along been an East-meets-West hub for international arts and cultural exchanges. In June 2023, the HKSAR Government has sought to embrace the development and adoption of Web 3.0 technology and is endeavoring to become an international hub for Web3 technology and a center for cultural and artistic exchange between China and other countries around the world.


X Social Group and a Hongkong-based luxury brand Reign have joined hands to launch the “Picasso X Moutai Thematic Gift-boxes NFTs” which is a successful compilation of China’s top-notch Moutai and a renowned works by the western iconic artist Picasso. Each and every《Two Women Running on the Beach》(1922)  X Moutai Gift-case is transformed into an NFT promoting irreplicability and high level of transparency concerning records of ownership. All gift-boxes are equipped with NFC chips which can be scanned for verifying their authenticity and genuineness. Collector can virtually showcase their precious collectibles to people around the world. 


We have established “Immersive Experience Shops” at several high-end shopping malls and art museums in Hong Kong, China and Japan. We have received extensive media exposure in both Hong Kong and the Mainland. In the near future, we have planned to unlock Meta12 exclusive Metaverse contents through AR-scanning of Moutai gift-boxes while merging the physical and digital worlds.

Uniqueness of Picasso’s《Two Women Running on the Beach》(1922) 

  • Genuineness and Uniqueness of Moutai Gift-boxes: NFT ensures irreplicability of all digital records. The embedded NFC chips can be scanned for a verification of genuineness guaranteeing the products’ authenticity.

  • Secure Ownership of Moutai Gift-boxes: The Blockchain technology associated with NFT provides a unique and irreplicable record of each gift-box. A secure communication between the blockchain digital record and the physical item is facilitated through NFC, which simultaneously enhances security.

  • Retrievability of Moutai Gift-box Information: Collectors can showcase their collectibles on Metaverse through digital ownership for promoting interactions so as to reach a bigger like-minded audience by breaking the limitations of physical space. This retrievability enhances exposure of precious collectibles facilitating interactions between collectors and their like-minded artpiece lovers.

  • Swift Transactions of Moutai Gift-boxes: Through NFT-izing “Picasso X Moutai Gift-boxes”, ownership can be transferred with records swiftly saved on blockchain. Seamless and reliable ownership transfer is made possible with NFC technology which facilitates straight-forward interaction between physical items and devices (e.g. smartphones / NFC-exclusive card-readers). Effective and trust-worthy transactions are accordingly ensured.

  • Functionality of “Unlocking Exclusive Content”: Both NFT and NFC entail the functionality of locking contents of physical collectibles. Buyers can unlock the Metaverse experience, bonus art-piece descriptions, VIP membership and limited-edition “Moutai Feast” offers associated with the physical gift-boxes.  The value and uniqueness of “Picasso X Moutai Gift-boxes” enabling an unparalleled experience of immersion and diversity.



Rm 1018, Block A, New Mandarin Plaza, 14 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong 

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