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"New Retail Industry Benefits from the Pandemic" Interviewed by Metro Radio 新城財經專訪: 林漢源 : 新零售行業疫情下反受惠


Samuel Lam stated that the pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to the local retail industry but has benefited the development of the new retail industry, which utilizes online influencers to engage in a cross-online and offline consumption model.

林漢源(中)表示, 疫情重挫本地零售業, 反而對新零售行業發展有好處.

The mainland new retail market is enormous, and it is expected to generate a total revenue of 1.2 trillion yuan this year from live streaming sales alone. Since last year, the mainland authorities have also professionalized influencer live streaming, turning them into "live salespeople" subject to industry regulations and standards such as advertising laws.

Samuel Lam pointed out that Hong Kong influencers can develop the live streaming business of promoting goods, attracting netizens to make purchases by providing real-time responses during live streams, and then importing the products back to the mainland for sales through Hong Kong's import trade or cross-border e-commerce. Hong Kong influencers have multiple advantages. Although they may not have the same traffic and experience as mainland influencers, they have experience in promoting goods to international markets. Coupled with the higher quality of local products, it is easier to attract netizens to make purchases.

林漢源表示, 疫情重挫本地零售業, 反而對多透過網紅直播, 進行跨線上線下的消費模式的新零售行業發展有好處。 內地新零售市場龐大, 預計今年全年直播電市場收益達12000億元人民幣. 而自去年起, 內地當局亦將網紅直播專業化, 成為「直播銷售員」, 受廣告法等行業監管及規範。

林漢源指, 香港網紅可發展帶貨直播事業, 透過直播使用產品再作即時反應, 吸引網民消費, 再從香港進口貿易或跨境電商, 將產品帶回內地銷售。 香港網紅優勢多, 雖然流量及資歷不及內地網紅, 但因多面對國際市場, 有帶貨經驗, 加上本地產品質素較高, 容易吸引網民消費。

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