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Maintaining Brand Exposure during Crisis for Far-reaching Benefits


Crisis is temporary, but a brand-name can be made long-standing provided appropriate marketing strategies.

While the dependence on a wide variety of mobile devices prevails, it is found that 85.3% of people for whom the smartphone remains the device of choice even when they are house-bound (Campaign Asia-Pacific, Feb 2020). During the quarantine lockdown in many cities in China, many activities and events turn online including day-to-day grocery shopping and even entertainment, with a record high of game download on Apple’s app store in China increased by 27.5% YOY and revenue went up for 12.1% (CNN Business, Feb 2020). Even flats were sold virtually with livestreaming like the one by the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande who held an online press conference announcing that 47,500 homes worth a sum of 58 million yuan were sold online in just 3 days.



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