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"2023 Digital Entertainment Leaders Forum" TVB and RTHK interview - X Social Group CEO Samuel Lam


The government is actively supporting the development of the third generation of the Internet (Web3) and has allocated HKD 50 million to Cyberport to promote the development of the Web3 ecosystem in Hong Kong. Cyberport has also seen many startups transitioning from Web2 to Web3, including digital entertainment companies. Under the Web3 wave, they are also focused on developing new virtual operating models, such as decentralized metaverse platforms, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and digital assets. Web3, powered by blockchain and decentralized characteristics, allows users to experience and interact, creating new models in areas such as issuance, copyright, and community interaction, bringing new opportunities to digital entertainment startups.


TVB News Interview, August 14, 2023

TVB 新聞採訪 2023年8月14日

X Social Group is one of the digital entertainment startups that combines art and Web3 technology, and they assist brands to enter the Web3 platform. Samuel Lam, the founder of the digital entertainment startup, said, "As traditional art audiences gradually accept the metaverse, with the advancement of technology and VR capabilities, it becomes more and more realistic, providing audiovisual enjoyment. We gradually release different versions." This three-dimensional "metaverse" stage provides another platform for local artists, allowing them to accumulate stage experience in the virtual world even if they have not been recognized or had the opportunity to perform on a physical stage during the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

X Social Group是數碼娛樂初創企業之一,主打結合藝術與Web3技術,會協助品牌打入Web3平台,數碼娛樂初創公司創辦人林漢源表示:「當傳統藝術受眾,慢慢接受原來在元宇宙,隨著科技進步,有VR技術,越來越覺得真實,音效及所有的視覺享受。我們就逐步推出不同的版本。」這個立體「元宇宙」舞台,為本地藝術家提供多一個平台,就算未獲垂青,未有機會在香港藝術節真實舞台演出,也可以在虛擬世界累積舞台經驗。

RTHK Interview, August 14, 2023


X Social Group combines art and blockchain technology to provide virtual stages for artistic performances. Samuel Lam, the person in charge, said that during their collaboration with local performing groups, they often face venue limitations. By utilizing the metaverse platform, they can expand the audience. He pointed out that there is currently a shortage of WEB 3-related talents in Hong Kong, and when promoting new projects, they would bring in overseas talents to assist in nurturing local talents.

X Social Group 結合藝術及區塊鏈技術,提供虛擬舞台進行藝術表演。負責人林漢源說,與本地表演團體合作期間,發現他們經常面對場地限制問題,如果透過元宇宙平台就可擴大受眾人數。他指出,本港WEB 3相關人才暫未足夠,當要推展新項目,會引入海外人才以協助孵化本地人才。

Samuel Lam stated, "We hope to combine Chinese national brands with Western art and then use the positioning of the Hong Kong 'China-West Cultural and Art Exchange Center' to introduce the traditional cultural characteristics of China's 5,000 years into the Western market."



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